Zombie Jombie

A personal take / video on Gree’s social mobile game – Zombie Jombie

Rawr. Another day in amateur filmmaking from yours truly. Going with my first ever “video” game review. A few posts back, a blogger commented and wanted to see me to do some sort of gameplay video. “As you can see,” I like doing things on the fly, but I definitely need to organize my thoughts on my next game video haha. I will be spewing random information about the company and the game which would be slightly accurate or  inaccurate, so feel free to correct me. I’m going to bore you to death with this clip of Zombie Jombie from GREE / Openfeint for the iPhone. Thank God for the music.

I had to reposition myself on the next clip to avoid the glare.

It’s a game in the iPhone (currently exclusive for the iOS) and it’s free in the iTunes App Store. Zombie Jombie is a Japanese card-based game drawn in an American art style. The only gripe I have is that I still do not get how the card battles go. lol. Then again, I didn’t play it long enough. If you have any comments, feel free to give me a shout.

Note: This is shot through a Netbook camera. O.O

Verne Out.

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