Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

Otherworld:Spring of Shadows

Otherworld:Spring of Shadows

For the past few weeks, Verne has been really busy. Had to make a presentation on Hidden Object Games to a certain game developer, so he was on HOG mode for one week. Seeing Zynga’s Hidden Chronicles, Verne must be really bored these days. Good time-wasters!

Verne has talked about Boomzap about their approach to Casual Game Design. He has played “Awakening: Moonfell Wood” and “Dana Knightstone” as part of a game design test – which he sometimes would like to forget but after thinking about it now, he simply laughs it off. You can check their site out at boomzap.com

Anyways, a friend of Verne’s, Kram, told him to try out Boomzap’s latest offering. Otherworld: Spring of Shadows. As usual, I’m going with the one-hour demo through Bigfish Games. It’s currently ranked #2. It’s around 380 MB.

In a nutshell, you bought a house and discovered that there’s this “shade” that kidnapped a little girl named Fiona who seems to be trapped in another world. Go to this world, kick the shade’s ass (to be clear, I’m not saying it’s a beat ’em up kind of game, ok?), save the girl and return to your world.

Verne's personal favorite Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Cutscene and Message.

 As expected, this feels similar to “Awakening” – the fantasy aspect of it. It’s that artwork which seems to me – is like their trademark – that Verne knows that they made this game or maybe Verne just needs to play 232323230 more Hidden Object Games to check for comparison.  lol.

That Fantasy Feel that you normally see in their games.

In terms of gameplay, Verne likes how the game isn’t dark; that the lighting is just right to search for small objects. You can’t skip some of the puzzles, which prolongs your game experience. The only beef Verne has with this game is that when you try to drag an item directly towards another object or a slot without clicking to zoom on the object or slot  (like say – putting a key in the lock or a fragment towards a slot)  – there’s a momentary lag or freeze before it actually proceeds further.

Then again, Verne was thinking that it could be my netbook that’s the problem lol. The other game Verne tried – Witches Legacy: The Charleston Curse – had those 3d CGs all throughout and it’s noticeable on my netbook that it’s pretty choppy when the CG plays. Other than that, no complaints.

Cherry Tree Puzzle

Cherry Tree Puzzle

Since this is the Collector’s Edition, it includes some freebies (concept art, wallpapers, the usual, etc.) including a  “beginner friendly walkthrough” of the game as it automatically adjusts the page of the walkthrough to your current situation in the game.


The Noob Friendly Walkthrough that adjusts to the stage of the game where you are at.

 Introducing Fiona and the creepy-looking “Shade.”

Fiona and The Shade

Fiona and The Shade

Before Verne goes and rests, He will end this with a shot of a sleeping frog. Heh.

Update: Never passed so back to the drawing board.

Sleeping Frog

Sleeping Frog, now ain't that cute?

To view my other article on Boomzap, read it on the link below.

How to Design a Casual Game – the Boomzap Method

33 thoughts on “Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

  1. Wow.. I love these kind of games.. Adventure/puzzle/strategy games.. And those are hand-painted scenes.. ganda! I clicked the link and bookmarked it na. Lalaruin ko na lang pag libre na oras ko. Have some errands to do first. Thanks for this.

  2. great graphics, wish I have all the time in this world to check all those games u mentioned…i try to stay away (for now) from games, even with my fave FB games…

  3. very interesting game: Spring of Shadows! Are you developing this kind of a game? Wow! You’re so talented. This needs a lot of patience. This takes a lot of hours of sleepness nights and many things to sacrifice. Anyway, good luck. More power!

  4. I hate it when I try a certain game because I just easily hooked about it. I’ll try not to try this or I might be having sleepless nights again.

    I’ll try to see until when can I resist.

  5. anybody hve the name and registration or security key for this game… please help me… i’ve juz download it n needs the name and security key…. thanks…

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