Read minds or Live forever?

I’ve decided to start a blog “From a Verne’s Eye View” which focuses more on writing. So for my first entry, I’ve decided to go use the topic on “The Daily Post” entitled –

Would you rather read minds or live forever?

Ok. Would I rather read minds or live forever? Let’s see here.

Reading  minds gives a person the ability to manipulate situations and people.  It’s all about playing your cards right or you can purposely put yourself at risk because you know you have the ability to get out of it. Now who in their right minds would do that? I would. Why? Curiosity.  The only drawback is when you can’t find people interesting enough to manipulate.

Living forever  allows you see what has transpired, enjoy the present, and experience the future.  Oh yeah, you outlast everyone too. Go be an adrenalin junkie and do some adventure sports or whatnot. You know you’re not going to die anyways.

Living forever reminds me of a TV show or was it a movie – that had this woman who was stuck as a ghost and was trapped living through centuries.  It also reminds me of those spirits requesting help from people who can see them or have the “Third Eye.” I would say it’s probably something similar to the movie “Ghost” where someone uses your body as a vessel to communicate with the living.

Ok, now you might be playing that song in your head -“Ohhh, myyyy love….” and next your imagining Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze carving pottery pieces together.

In my opinion, I’d rather read minds.  Personally it’s more interesting for me to see and read a person’s reaction. I want to know what makes them tick. Plus, I do want my life to have an ending.


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