Driving Range and Makati Golf Club

They say that you can never hit a golf ball on the first swing. In my case, it was true. First time on the driving range at Makati Golf Club (Located at Malugay St. beside Ara the Korean Restaurant) for yours truly. Always wanted to go but now found the time.

Hit on the Third Try

Soar! The golf ball flies through the driving range.

Slightly adjusted my swing. I think one of my fingers bled that day because my grip was too tight. Need to work on my stance and maybe arm strength? To be fair, the farthest my swing reached was on the third farthest shadow.

Details on the driving range. It’s 350 bucks per hour. Renting an iron club is 150 and recommended for beginners like me. Wood costs around 200. What you’re seeing on the picture is a machine that has a pedal that you can step on so that it automatically dispenses golf balls. When it runs out of golf balls, you can ask for a new set of balls.

The green net is there to control the balls from hitting establishments or even the cars that are located below the net. It’s actually a parking lot since the driving range is found on the second floor. There are stores that sell golf equipment in the driving range but me opted to just try it out. It’s quite lovely that nobody cares about who’s doing what.

If you want to experience playing golf, you can try a few swings here at the driving range. Makati Golf Club. Call them up at 830-2222. Verne out.

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Amagami SS Plus Episodes 11 – 12

Ah, we arrive at my personal favorite pairing in the world of Amagami – Junichi Tachibana and Haruka Morishima-Senpai.  A brief summary of how things ended can be summed up in one sentence.

Amagami SS Episode 4 Ending for Haruka Morishima Anime

Junichi! Haruka! Amagami SS Episode 4

…They ended up getting married after a ten year time-skip.

Amagami SS Plus Episode 11

In Amagami SS Plus Episodes 11 – 12, the story revolves around what happened before this time-skip. Makes you wonder right? Here we find ourselves in episode 11,  Haruka saw an article about a church and her grandparents got married in that same church. She informs Hibiki that she has a sister from England who is about to get married. Of course, she’s a little envious of her and desires the same thing to the point that she wants Junichi to do these embarassing “roleplays” with Hibiki as the doctor, priest, etc.

Amagami SS Plus Episode 11 Wedding Roleplay

Wedding Roleplay for Junichi and Morishima Senpai

Enter Jessica, the sister from England. A blonde version of Haruka. More straightforward as expected from a foreigner. This definitely suits my taste.

Jessica Morishima

Jessica "Sexy" Morishima on the attack.

The reason she came to Japan is to take Haruka back to England to pursue her studies there. Of course, Junichi finds out about this and this is where the plot of this Amagami arc revolves on. Haruka feels a bit sad, avoiding Junichi, realizing that she will leave him behind. Can Junichi convince Haruka to stay and not leave for England?  Episode 11 ends with Junichi inviting Haruka over his house…alone.  Rawr.

Amagami SS Plus Episode 12

Despite the invitation and the overnight stay, it’s still not enough to change Haruka’s mind to leave. It doesn’t help that Jessica makes up stories about Haruka – like the guys she has in England or not letting him talk to her over the phone. It was all in preparation for this really cool moment.

Declaration of Love

Declaration of Love. Yeah, he manned up in front of everyone.

and he gets the girl. Well played, fine sir. Well played. The next episode will be an all-girls episode. No Junichi to the delight of some people.

If you want to read about my other reviews on Amagami SS +, here you go. Thanks for viewing. Can’t wait for Fate Zero Season 2. – Verne

Ayatsuji Arc

Nanasaki Arc

Zombie Jombie

A personal take / video on Gree’s social mobile game – Zombie Jombie

Rawr. Another day in amateur filmmaking from yours truly. Going with my first ever “video” game review. A few posts back, a blogger commented and wanted to see me to do some sort of gameplay video. “As you can see,” I like doing things on the fly, but I definitely need to organize my thoughts on my next game video haha. I will be spewing random information about the company and the game which would be slightly accurate or  inaccurate, so feel free to correct me. I’m going to bore you to death with this clip of Zombie Jombie from GREE / Openfeint for the iPhone. Thank God for the music.

I had to reposition myself on the next clip to avoid the glare.

It’s a game in the iPhone (currently exclusive for the iOS) and it’s free in the iTunes App Store. Zombie Jombie is a Japanese card-based game drawn in an American art style. The only gripe I have is that I still do not get how the card battles go. lol. Then again, I didn’t play it long enough. If you have any comments, feel free to give me a shout.

Note: This is shot through a Netbook camera. O.O

Verne Out.

The Producer

Verne : The Producer

“From the first draft script, through all stages of production, to the final dub, success or failure rests largely in the hands of the producer. Experience in this field does not come overnight. Rather it is born out of long years of creative and technical know-how, and above all a love for the job and all that goes with it, together with the ability to choose the right talent with which to surround himself.”

– Julian Wintle

Recently, I’ve been busy doing a number of things which have taken away part of my time to blog. Ideally I wanted to become a game producer. Unconsciously I took a different route by going through traditional media – attending a short lesson on basic photography. Then currently learning a little bit of minor directing and video producing. Never really thought I’d be in to this sort of thing. I  just got sucked into it. Inspired by filmmaking to do some short iPhone vids. Here’s my short take on the last post I made.

iPhone 4S Filmmaking

This was long overdue.  One of the videos I semi-produced.

and a more recent one.

It’s like there’s another door aside from the four that I mentioned in here – The Death Star – that I could open which I need a lot more work on. Producing is fun. I’m going to start producing some videos for myself one day.  Just waiting for that iPhone! Haven’t seen many videos made with the Samsung Note’s Cinenote, so if you can find me some, maybe it’ll change my mind! Have a good one.

iPhone 4S Filmmaking

Been awhile since the last post. Verne’s game was to do videos as of late. Shooting videos for some events. Was thinking of getting a camcorder. Searched through the web and started out looking for cameras, camcorders, but then he came across this…

iPhone 4S Filmmaking

Verne knows that you can’t substitute an iPhone for an HDSLR, but he wants something he can carry on the go. Something he can sneak in concerts without checking. Equip this with a mini-tripod, one of those clip type iPro lens, get a couple of iPhone editing apps, accompany this with some DAW music, and an interesting concept – He’s all set.

an iPhone Directorial Debut.

Got to love technology. Read across an article that had a Korean make a 30 minute movie off an iPhone. Also seen a lot more iPhone Filmmakers in Youtube. This led me to thinking of getting the iPhone 4S or the Samsung Note. My current phone is screaming for an upgrade. What should I get? Decisions, decisions.

Update: Just got my iPhone 4S! I’m about to get some iPhone apps.

Amagami SS Plus Episodes 5 – 6

Amagami SS Plus Episodes 5 – 6

Talked about the game and the first 2 episodes here. Amagami SS Plus Episodes 1 – 2. Decided to skip on the Rihoko arc since the childhood sweetheart theme, really wasn’t something that tickles my fancy. For this review, I’m not going to talk about the side characters and instead focus on the main characters themselves. In my opinion, the swimmer had a great manga – Amagami SS : Love Goes On and somewhat a so-so anime adaptation.

Ai Nanasaki of Amagami SS Plus

Ai Nanasaki of Amagami SS

The Ai Nanasaki Arc.

Ai and Junichi

Amagami SS: Ai and Junichi's Hot Springs Moment

Short Recap. Last we saw the arc ending previously where Junichi and Ai was on a hot spring somewhere in the mountains. For who knows what happened there,
I’m leaving that to your imagination.

Swim Team

Ai Nanasaki : The New Swim Team Captain

Fast forward to The Present. Ai ended up being the captain of the swimming club, taking over Hibiki Tsukahara.

Sleeping on the Belly

Sleeping on the belly makes all the pain go away.

Junichi is occupied studying for university admission and eventually ends up being kidnapped in a van and forced to study in cram school due to his low grades. Because of that, Ai is also busy and somewhat lonely that they can’t meet on Christmas Eve. This was the drama the two episodes revolved around on.

Sae and Miya

Meat Buns! Sae and Miya O.O

Our hero, Junichi, somewhat manages to get away for a day and give her an expensive coat. He also assures her that once he passes for the uni, she gets keys to his apartment. The story ends where we see both of them at the apartment watching fireworks, indicating closure for this arc.

I’m not sure if I’m going to blog on Sae or Kaoru but I will definitely be blogging about Morishima-senpai. Woof!


Update: Morishima Arc – It’s here ~