Beelzebub Chapter 138

The Showdown Between Oga and Jabberwock, Beelzebub Chapter 138

Oga versus Jabberwock

Each week I wait for this manga to come out. This is one of the mangas I personally have read in one sitting.  Not much thinking required – pure shounen mixed with comedy.

I will summarize this chapter up through bullets.

  • Short Fight – This was expected. Beelzebub is the type of manga that never tends to draw out battles. What I didn’t expect is that the other battles halted as well like Aoi and Agiel. It felt like this arc was being rushed for some reason. It’s like you have all this buildup for all the characters and your conclusion was like “oh, ok – the evil boss lost so there’s no point in us fighting anyone anymore.”
  • In your typical Shounen manga, there usually are “powerups” that the main character gets out of nowhere – whether they simply evolve or unleash a new skill based on the strength of their opponent. The explanation is that the usage of black techs matures Beel and overusing these techs would result into something fatal for Oga.
  • “That is the heavy fist of a man who has something on his shoulders.”  – loved that quote.
  • Everything was just a game to Lord En and it feels like nothing grave ever happened.
Read the chapter if you got time.  I’d say it’s an average chapter IMO. Taken from
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