iPhone 4S Filmmaking

Been awhile since the last post. Verne’s game was to do videos as of late. Shooting videos for some events. Was thinking of getting a camcorder. Searched through the web and started out looking for cameras, camcorders, but then he came across this…

iPhone 4S Filmmaking

Verne knows that you can’t substitute an iPhone for an HDSLR, but he wants something he can carry on the go. Something he can sneak in concerts without checking. Equip this with a mini-tripod, one of those clip type iPro lens, get a couple of iPhone editing apps, accompany this with some DAW music, and an interesting concept – He’s all set.

an iPhone Directorial Debut.

Got to love technology. Read across an article that had a Korean make a 30 minute movie off an iPhone. Also seen a lot more iPhone Filmmakers in Youtube. This led me to thinking of getting the iPhone 4S or the Samsung Note. My current phone is screaming for an upgrade. What should I get? Decisions, decisions.

Update: Just got my iPhone 4S! I’m about to get some iPhone apps.


The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger

The Versatile Blogger

First, I’d like to thank Verjube of Myphotographics for handing me this award. I just started blogging around 2 months back and I felt that this really more of an outlet of sharing what I see through my eyes – thus naming it “From a Verne’s Eye View.” I also prefer to write on a specific niche. Am I a versatile blogger? Can’t say as of now and thanks again, Verjube for the mention.

Hmm. Haven’t really met a lot of bloggers as of yet since work keeps getting in the way. Kung wala lang trabaho…lol.  So my list isn’t going to be that long. I’m going to have to start guest blogging once I find time.  I’ll mention some of the blogs that I have visited which I find interesting.

Sharing something about myself. So I need seven eh?

Ok,  I’m Verne.  A person in search of his Death Star. In real life, I’m just another website editor for this certain group of companies – who loves to get his adrenalin up, interested in social media, games, anime, chilling out listening to house music on a raft while I look towards the sky in pure bliss as I shed away a plethora of emotional angst lol, reading up on biographies,  mysteries,  and pretty much anything that tickles my fancy. Oh, yeah. I spend my days honing my Japanese and working on sounds.

Personality-wise, I’m the kind of person whose eyes sparkle when I find an interest in something. I don’t like forcing the issue. Ok, this would probably be more than seven lol. Will discuss more on a separate post in the future.

I’ll be recognizing my top Versatile Blogger below after these mechanics for The Versatile Blogger Award:

1. In a post on your, blog, nominate 15 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award.

2. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.

3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.

4. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.

5. In the same post, include this set of rules.

6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

In no particular order, The Versatile Blogger Award goes to..

My list probably won’t reach 15 people. But for now…they would be –


Verjube –

A Little Bit of Something

Walang Basagan ng Trip

Mis Experiencias Personales

Blog and Me

Lucid Thoughts and Vivid Dreams

Thy Secret Garden


Blogs that I like to mention though I’m confident they probably they won’t do this. lol.

Montana The Explorer

Tales From The Tummy

Going to catch up on my posts after I do a little bit of work lol.


Christmas Meet at Ozine Fest

To be honest, it was just another average day for Verne.  Wasn’t expecting anything until Verne saw through Facebook that there was an event at Megatrade Hall – which was the Christmas Meet K-Pop / Ozine Fest.  Luckily Verne was nearby the area. Convinced the creative supervisor to come along with Verne and hopefully meet Alodia Gosengfiao. Now, Verne figured that him and the supervisor are not into K-Pop so Verne decided to hit the Ozine Fest – maybe something worthwhile will turn up. There’s no harm in trying and going, right? If you’re not there, then you won’t know.

First up, Verne loved the figurines for

a) Yuki-Onna – seeing that Verne has a friend who uses that as is his in-game nick.

and b) Fate Stay Night / Unlimited Blade Works – seeing that Verne’s been watching Fate/Zero as of late.

Second, there was an on-going Gundam Competition which Verne thinks they’re trying to assemble a Gundam Age Model.  Verne decided to ignore all that – went for the 00 Raiser and took pictures of it instead.

and Third, there goes them cosplays. Found a number of cosplayers which the Verne and creative supervisor decided on. Highlight of the day was that Verne met Alodia for a brief pictorial lol. Oh another one would be Verne doing his “Voltes V Big Bert” reenactment where he catches the sword with his two hands.

Didn’t display the other shots unless requested since they’re out of focus.


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Electronic Raffle Draw

It’s a day before Christmas and this might come in handy for some.


You have a computer, you don’t have pieces of paper lying around you in order to conduct a  raffle. What do you do?

When you tend to draw lots, do raffles for your parties or whatnot, we tend to personalize things by writing down our names and roll them in a piece of paper.  Put it in a container like a fishbowl, shake the bowl. then draw the winner.

Now, what if I don’t feel like doing that? What if I want to do an electronic version of it?

To be clear, this isn’t web based but it’s something you download and install on your desktop. If you are conducting an online raffle. You can use this. For those who don’t know me, I’m the kind of person who loves to search and use tools and luckily, I stumbled upon the “Luck of the Draw.”

Here’s a simple Online Electronic Raffle – “Luck of the Draw” Tutorial

Note: A prerequisite for this to work well would be to require that you download Java, and the software.

Download Link for Luck of the Drawhttp://www.sillybit.com/luckofthedraw/

Now, I’m not going to say that this is the best option out there because some programmers can do this in their sleep. I’m just sharing this a solution for non-coders like me, who take advantage of the internet.

To end this short article, Verne would like to say.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the Holidays!

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Sunshine Blog Award courtesy of Hoshi.

I’m not sure if “From a Verne’s Eye View” would like to receive such an award. It just feels so “girly” haha. But   thanks to Hoshi of Kwentotpaniniwala… , I’m going to make an effort to acknowledge this recognition. lol. Got  to start somewhere.

Let’s get the ball rolling here.

Favorite color: going to say Orange, Violet, and Black

Favorite animal(s)? Raccoon, Squirrel, and Panda.

Favorite Number: 20, 21

Favorite drink? Red Iced Tea

Facebook or Twitter? Soundcloud! haha. But seriously, Facebook.

Your Passion (s)? Music, Games, Technology, Japanese Manga/Anime, Social Media, Turning Ideas and Making Them Work, Mysteries.

Giving or Getting Presents? I’d rather Give.

Favorite Day? Wednesday. Because I like to start my week on a Wednesday.

Favorite Flowers? For me to receive them, no thanks. For me to give, going with old school tulips.

Since Hoshi won this award, I’ll still pass it back to you. hehehe.


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