iPhone 4S Filmmaking

Been awhile since the last post. Verne’s game was to do videos as of late. Shooting videos for some events. Was thinking of getting a camcorder. Searched through the web and started out looking for cameras, camcorders, but then he came across this…

iPhone 4S Filmmaking

Verne knows that you can’t substitute an iPhone for an HDSLR, but he wants something he can carry on the go. Something he can sneak in concerts without checking. Equip this with a mini-tripod, one of those clip type iPro lens, get a couple of iPhone editing apps, accompany this with some DAW music, and an interesting concept – He’s all set.

an iPhone Directorial Debut.

Got to love technology. Read across an article that had a Korean make a 30 minute movie off an iPhone. Also seen a lot more iPhone Filmmakers in Youtube. This led me to thinking of getting the iPhone 4S or the Samsung Note. My current phone is screaming for an upgrade. What should I get? Decisions, decisions.

Update: Just got my iPhone 4S! I’m about to get some iPhone apps.