Driving Range and Makati Golf Club

They say that you can never hit a golf ball on the first swing. In my case, it was true. First time on the driving range at Makati Golf Club (Located at Malugay St. beside Ara the Korean Restaurant) for yours truly. Always wanted to go but now found the time.

Hit on the Third Try

Soar! The golf ball flies through the driving range.

Slightly adjusted my swing. I think one of my fingers bled that day because my grip was too tight. Need to work on my stance and maybe arm strength? To be fair, the farthest my swing reached was on the third farthest shadow.

Details on the driving range. It’s 350 bucks per hour. Renting an iron club is 150 and recommended for beginners like me. Wood costs around 200. What you’re seeing on the picture is a machine that has a pedal that you can step on so that it automatically dispenses golf balls. When it runs out of golf balls, you can ask for a new set of balls.

The green net is there to control the balls from hitting establishments or even the cars that are located below the net. It’s actually a parking lot since the driving range is found on the second floor. There are stores that sell golf equipment in the driving range but me opted to just try it out. It’s quite lovely that nobody cares about who’s doing what.

If you want to experience playing golf, you can try a few swings here at the driving range. Makati Golf Club. Call them up at 830-2222. Verne out.

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