Amagami SS Plus Episodes 5 – 6

Amagami SS Plus Episodes 5 – 6

Talked about the game and the first 2 episodes here. Amagami SS Plus Episodes 1 – 2. Decided to skip on the Rihoko arc since the childhood sweetheart theme, really wasn’t something that tickles my fancy. For this review, I’m not going to talk about the side characters and instead focus on the main characters themselves. In my opinion, the swimmer had a great manga – Amagami SS : Love Goes On and somewhat a so-so anime adaptation.

Ai Nanasaki of Amagami SS Plus

Ai Nanasaki of Amagami SS

The Ai Nanasaki Arc.

Ai and Junichi

Amagami SS: Ai and Junichi's Hot Springs Moment

Short Recap. Last we saw the arc ending previously where Junichi and Ai was on a hot spring somewhere in the mountains. For who knows what happened there,
I’m leaving that to your imagination.

Swim Team

Ai Nanasaki : The New Swim Team Captain

Fast forward to The Present. Ai ended up being the captain of the swimming club, taking over Hibiki Tsukahara.

Sleeping on the Belly

Sleeping on the belly makes all the pain go away.

Junichi is occupied studying for university admission and eventually ends up being kidnapped in a van and forced to study in cram school due to his low grades. Because of that, Ai is also busy and somewhat lonely that they can’t meet on Christmas Eve. This was the drama the two episodes revolved around on.

Sae and Miya

Meat Buns! Sae and Miya O.O

Our hero, Junichi, somewhat manages to get away for a day and give her an expensive coat. He also assures her that once he passes for the uni, she gets keys to his apartment. The story ends where we see both of them at the apartment watching fireworks, indicating closure for this arc.

I’m not sure if I’m going to blog on Sae or Kaoru but I will definitely be blogging about Morishima-senpai. Woof!


Update: Morishima Arc – It’s here ~

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