Amagami SS Plus Episodes 1 – 2


Amagami SS

Ok, this is going to be a change of pace in terms of my choice for anime viewing. Rom-com? Naah. To those who are not familiar, Amagami SS is an anime adaptation of the game “Amagami” – which is a Japanese dating simulation game developed by Enterbrain for the Playstation 2 console.

The Girls of Amagami SS

The Girls of Amagami SS. From L - R : Kaoru, Sae, Ayatsuji, Ai, Haruka, and Rihoko.

You play as Junichi. Typical high school student. So, there’s six girls with six different paths. You can choose which girl would you like to win over. You can get different type of endings – a good ending, bad ending. and a best ending – depending on the girl you pick. Here’s a sample of its gameplay for the PS2. You can probably ignore the Japanese narrator.

And you wonder why people play this? Text ftl, a few buttons pressed, and a save file. Wow. Might as well put it to good use. Learn some Japanese!

Now, Amagami SS Plus is actual the sequel to Amagami SS. Amagami SS Plus has only 12 episodes and it allots 2 episodes per character compared to Amagami SS’s 26 episode format which gives each girl 4 episodes each plus 2 special episodes for bonus characters.

Episodes 1 – 2 are for Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s character – ah yes, the split personality class president. For a certain timeline, I believe this takes place after Christmas Eve. Not going too far in the future wherein they have a daughter. Forgot the spoilers. My bad. lol. I’m not going to go too much in depth but I’ll do a short summary.

In a nutshell, Ayatsuji runs for school president. Votes Junichi (Leading male. You get to play as him in the game) as her vice-president. Enter a third wheel – a first in the tv series, Kurosawa.  She’s a girl whose out to prove her superiority over Ayatsuji by attempting to steal Junichi. Ayatsuji wins presidency and they end up together. Cameo by other girls and of course, the backrub!

Ayatsuji's Backrub

Ayatsuji's Backrub in Junichi's Imagination

Despite the gravure photoshoot, the moral support behind Ayatsuji’s presidency and the thoughtful dog rescuing, it eventually led to this…

A Sappy, Fantasy-turn-Reality Moment with Junichi and Ayatsuji

So if you haven’t watched the episodes yet, I’d go watch the first two.

Episode 1

Episode 2

If you want to read about my favorite Fate Zero episode, click on the link.

Update:  Nanasaki Arc and Morishima Arc summaries are up.

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