IntraLASIK. From a Verne’s Eye View

Had to take a break from writing to rest the eyes. Here we go.

“The Intra LASIK method is a 100% blade-free technique used to perform the critical first step in the LASIK procedure: creating the corneal flap. The creation of the corneal flap prepares the eye for the second step of the LASIK procedure, in which an Excimer laser is used on the inner cornea to correct vision. ” Verne  just quoted  this off the website:

To give a background on how Verne came to wear glasses, it was the result of “very good parenting skills.” Verne’s mother worked a lot and she had to leave her kid in front of the television, playing video games, and read books in the dark most of time, which surprisingly honed his language skills lol. Thank god for Cookie Monster and Sesame Street.

After at least two decades of having glasses, Verne decided to go for it on a whim. Shoot laser beams through his eyes courtesy of Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics Philippines – Should be a boatload of fun.

Completely forgot what my grade was. Verne thinks it was around 350 for the left eye. and 625 for the right eye.  Here’s a slight preview of the past. Mostly eye frames.

Verne will spare the audience from boring you all with more pictures of the past and instead, tell you briefly, what kind of process and medication was given to me.

LASIK Screening

As far as Verne can remember, The screening takes around one and a half hour to two hours. There were a series of tests which included scanning of your cornea to reading a chart off the wall to lights flashing at your eyes. A doctor will then determine whether which types of surgery are applicable. Microkeratome (Blade), and IntraLASIK (Bladeless) were the options. Bladeless sounded kind of good so Verne went that route lol.

IntraLASIK Eye Surgery

So a number of drops of anesthesia were placed on my eyes.  Wore a shower cap on my head and some sort of garb or apron over the body. First up was this room where they will open the corneal flap. Second room was where the pew pew lasers are fired. The lasers were shot for 30 seconds for each eye. Whole process lasted around 20 – 25 minutes.

From what Verne remembered, some sort of suction was placed on his eyes and there was a part where Verne was instructed to follow the light. Verne loves how there was some sort of thing being done to tweak his vision with no pain at all and also loves the flushing of the water part on my eye  lol.  There was some pressure from the laser but it’s nothing the anesthesia can’t handle. Not going to go too graphic. lol.

Some people would probably have their hearts palpitate during the procedure. Verne’s tendency when he’s anxious is that his hands are together clenched tightly and my feet will twitch. Never happened on this day.  Verne thinks there were more scarier moments compared to this like almost getting slammed through the wall by a bus while driving. Verne does the same thing when Verne was young and he used to have a fear of getting his sideburns shaved off and tooth extractions back in the day. lol.

After Surgery

Was given the following instructions by the attending nurse. Aside from a post-operation evaluation the next day and the following week.

  • It consists of one eyedrop shot for each eye of Vigamox, Econopred, and Artificial Tears every three hours with a five minute interval.
  • The protective glasses should be worn during the day for a week.
  • The eyeshield is worn at night, during sleeping hours.
  • And I received some Oral Medication.  Ofloxacin 1 tab for 2x a day usually taken after meals. Then there’s Naproxen for pain as needed. (Didn’t really feel the pain so need for you.!)
Gonna give my eyes time to heal. Takes around a week. Not going to show you the result just yet. Don’t really feel like overworking it as much as I used to do like when I used to play games  or stare at a CRT TV Monitor for around 16 hours. lol.  Thanks again Shinagawa PH.
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3 thoughts on “IntraLASIK. From a Verne’s Eye View

  1. so ganun pala yun… so far and sana never, hindi ako candidate for this. nung high school nagkaroon ako ng astigmatism for being astig, lol! pero na-correct naman nung eyeglasses at pampatak na ibinigay ng isang beteranong matadanng doktor na taga-Anonas, QC. siguro patay na sya sa katandaan pero magaling siya. (talo ang 3 hospital na pinuntahan ko, na puro sabi banlag lang ako, bwiset!) pero actually, bukod sa pagbabasa dati sa dilim, ang nakadale sa mata ko ay isang mannerism ko na dinala ko mula pagkabata. Patagilid ako manood ng TV at sine.

    alagaan mo yang mata mo at mabuti natira ka ng Shinigawa. lilinaw na yung mirror ng soul mo. . na sinira nila cookie monster, wohohoho!

  2. ang galing talaga ng new technology,imagine bladeless.madali ngang makasira yung nagbabasa sa dilim at nakahiga,gawain ko yan dati ,sa katamaran nakahigang nag aaral kaya bago magcollege malabo na mata ko pero minsan lang ako magsalamin kasi nahuhlog ,wala kasing tangos nag ilong ,lol. GET WELL SOON! willl wait for yuor next post.

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