Christmas Meet at Ozine Fest

To be honest, it was just another average day for Verne.  Wasn’t expecting anything until Verne saw through Facebook that there was an event at Megatrade Hall – which was the Christmas Meet K-Pop / Ozine Fest.  Luckily Verne was nearby the area. Convinced the creative supervisor to come along with Verne and hopefully meet Alodia Gosengfiao. Now, Verne figured that him and the supervisor are not into K-Pop so Verne decided to hit the Ozine Fest – maybe something worthwhile will turn up. There’s no harm in trying and going, right? If you’re not there, then you won’t know.

First up, Verne loved the figurines for

a) Yuki-Onna – seeing that Verne has a friend who uses that as is his in-game nick.

and b) Fate Stay Night / Unlimited Blade Works – seeing that Verne’s been watching Fate/Zero as of late.

Second, there was an on-going Gundam Competition which Verne thinks they’re trying to assemble a Gundam Age Model.  Verne decided to ignore all that – went for the 00 Raiser and took pictures of it instead.

and Third, there goes them cosplays. Found a number of cosplayers which the Verne and creative supervisor decided on. Highlight of the day was that Verne met Alodia for a brief pictorial lol. Oh another one would be Verne doing his “Voltes V Big Bert” reenactment where he catches the sword with his two hands.

Didn’t display the other shots unless requested since they’re out of focus.


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