Ideals on Fate / Zero Episode 11

The Grail Dialogue in Fate Zero Episode 11

Yep. The Grail Dialogue happened over a Garden Swirlfest

Taken from Fate / Zero Episode 11 – Entitled “The Grail Dialogue,” I was suprised that the dialogues throughout were quite stimulating that I had to blog about it.

Each person has his own ideals/beliefs but is there one that is truly right?

The point of discussion which interests me – was about what each Servant’s reasons (Saber, Archer, and Rider) were for obtaining the Holy Grail and what should a king be like.

“Should kings be selfish tyrants (Rider)  or should they be self-sacrificing beings for their country’s prosperity (Saber)?”

“What is a real king?”

“Should the king be alone?”

Find the answers while watching the show. Got the link below. Some of the lines I had to pause and note lol…


“I wish for my homeland’s salvation  (to change the past). I will avert Britain’s destruction. For the country that gave me my blade to which I offered my life, was destroyed”.

“A king is a martyr is to his ideals.”

“Of what worth is a king that is powerless to save its people? A just rule, with just laws, those are the duties of a king.”


“The king does not make offerings. The nation offers themselves to the king.”

“Is a king (supposed to be) a slave towards what is right?”

“I shall not grieve. And I shall not weep (for all who have died in battle for me). But I shall not regret. Let alone undo it. Such an act would make a mockery of all who fought with me.”

and the lines that sold Rider’s point of view to me personally.

“You said you would martyr yourself for your ideals. In life, you must have been a pure saint. A proud and noble figure, certainly. But who can truly admire the martyr’s thorny path? Who dreams of such an ending?”

“A king…The king must be greedier than any other. He must laugh more loudly and rage for longer. He must exemplify the extreme of all things, good and evil. That is why his retainers envy and adore him. And to be the flames of aspiration, to be as the King is, can burn within his people.”

“The righteousness and ideals that you bore may have indeed saved you once. However, what became of the people you saved and left them by themselves? You may have saved your people, but you never led them. You never showed them what a true king should be. You abandoned them when they lost their way. Then alone and untroubled. You followed your own pretty ideals. Thus, you are not a true king.”

At first, I might have rooted for Saber’s ideals of righteousness. You can tell somehow while I’m writing this that I might be biased in favor of Rider (Isakandar) here. I liked how he implied that this is how a true leader leads his men.

Of course, if you thought that there were only two choices, a third choice pops out of nowhere.

Archer’s line towards Saber – “Follow the path that you believe in. Your pain and trouble… as you bear a burden of kingship, which is too much of weight for any. It is a splendid to gaze on.”  –  made me clap in my mind. A very nice answer. Triumph through hardship.

So which among the three views of the Servants would you agree on?

Highly recommend that you watch this episode and heck, the whole series.

If you haven’t watched the episode, here’s a link.

Sidenote:  This has got to be the show of the year and IMO, better than Fate / Stay Night. I leave you with the ED song as I lay to rest.


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9 thoughts on “Ideals on Fate / Zero Episode 11

    • It’s more of a prequel. Nauna yung Fate Zero sa Fate Stay Night. Parang Star Wars. Nauna yung 4th, 5th and 6th then 1, 2, 3 di ba? Every year there’s a war for the Holy Grail tapos mag rereset sya after a certain number of years. Can’t remember if it’s 10 or something. Once somebody wins the grail, servants have new Masters after the war. Eventually mga descendants ng Fate Zero and naglaban sa FSN (Let’s say father of Rin and Shirou) sa FSN. Difference I see so far would be the art. The art (laki nung difference – just try watching the first one minute of each show and compare), and storyline. Medyo mas diabolical ang Fate / Zero – kasi there are really no friends among them. In FSN, it’s your typical school setting na magkakilala silang lahat then they end up being friends or kill each other off. =)

      • Ok lang naman sa akin yung typical shounen approach, medyo weak lang kasi yung storytelling nila sa FSN. Saka yung servants kasi, parang mature na pokemon yung dating sa akin. LOL. Personally, yung mga faves ko sa anime are stuff like Darker Than Black, Gankutsuou, Claymore, Last Exile. Kapag medyo light lang ang gusto ko, trip ko yung mga super keso na palabas – like Baki the Grappler. Mindless entertainment. LOL.

      • I see. Forgot to mention. If in FSN, puro duels between the servants and as usual teenagers duking it out. In Fate / Zero, duels between masters and servants are simultaneously happening but the masters are masters of their own professions. Example. a Weapons Expert/Specialist versus a Mage or a Serial Killer versus a Homunculus. parang ganun. Interesting choices. Darker Than Black – read about this before pero haven’t found the time to do a marathon on it. Mahanap nga. Last Exile has this Eureka Seven type of feel – ito yung mga eroplano di ba? Claymore – ganda talaga especially when Teresa died. Personal favorite would be the “Phantom Miria.” Hmm. If you like mindless entertainment, dunno if you’ll like it but try Beelzebub. It’s about a juvenile delinquent who picks up the son of a demon.

      • Yup, alam ko yung Beelzebub. I read it sa MangaReader. Hehehe. Gusto ko kasi sana yung kumpleto nang series bago ko sya panoorin kasi mabilis lang ako makatapos ng series. I’ve loved One Piece for the longest time pero hindi ko na sya pinapanood sa anime kasi hindi pa natatapos, so sa manga ko na lang inaabangan. Claymore natapos ko na, pero sa manga di pa tapos so dun ko tinutuloy. Yep, yung Last Exile yung may parang eroplano sila.

      • good luck. that’s going to take awhile for both One Piece (estimated 10 years – gano katanda na kaya tayo nun?) and Beelzebub lol. Claymore’s manga supposedly runs once a month, but its not consistent.

    • Appreciate the feedback ~ working on it. I’ll try and experiment with that when I have the time. Design really isn’t my strong suit. Any suggestions for a program? preferably something easy to use. lol

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