Sunshine Blog Award courtesy of Hoshi.

I’m not sure if “From a Verne’s Eye View” would like to receive such an award. It just feels so “girly” haha. But   thanks to Hoshi of Kwentotpaniniwala… , I’m going to make an effort to acknowledge this recognition. lol. Got  to start somewhere.

Let’s get the ball rolling here.

Favorite color: going to say Orange, Violet, and Black

Favorite animal(s)? Raccoon, Squirrel, and Panda.

Favorite Number: 20, 21

Favorite drink? Red Iced Tea

Facebook or Twitter? Soundcloud! haha. But seriously, Facebook.

Your Passion (s)? Music, Games, Technology, Japanese Manga/Anime, Social Media, Turning Ideas and Making Them Work, Mysteries.

Giving or Getting Presents? I’d rather Give.

Favorite Day? Wednesday. Because I like to start my week on a Wednesday.

Favorite Flowers? For me to receive them, no thanks. For me to give, going with old school tulips.

Since Hoshi won this award, I’ll still pass it back to you. hehehe.


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5 thoughts on “Sunshine Blog Award courtesy of Hoshi.

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