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FL Studio From a Verne's Eye View

The road to music production…

I didn’t think that listening to Kaskade would inspire me to do it. I couldn’t even come up with a 15 second track until Shroud taught me the basics.

It was until this person I spoke to on Facebook who was from my previous job said that “I should become a DJ.” (Though I think the more correct term is a “Producer.” ) I thought to myself – I just downloaded the software and some plugins. Why not?

My guess is that I think she assumed I could become one due to my nature of posting videos on FB that are electro-house and the same can be said when I request for songs in the office. She’s got good insight…maybe. lol.

I’m currently working on a mashup between D Sound’s “Tattooed on My Mind” and Kaskade’s “Raining.” Had a guest singer doing vocals for Tattooed.

This is how it sounds so far. Update: I’ve decided to scrap that project and show you an earlier track called “Discovery.”


Here’s a little backstory. A few months ago, I found my mentor in the world of sound engineering. I knew he was into sounds as another friend told me that he does produce music. I met this guy “Shr0ud” in an online basketball game called “Freestyle” and sometimes we team up just for the heck of it. We had some common interest in the sense that we  love games, anime, and geeky stuff. When that game vanished, so did our friendship for the time being.

One day we saw each other and I asked him to teach me stuff about FL Studio. I heeded his advice and downloaded FL Studio 10 Producer Edition. Got a number of plugins to experiment around with as well.

Now what have I learned? Ah! Learned how to automate clips and mess around with the mixer. Still figuring out how to do a cool “sidechain.” Shroud gives me ideas on what to improve on the track and tips in terms of where to find my plugins.

I explained to Shroud that I wanted to do electro-house music. He explained that he can do those in an instant. True.  Eventually I said I’d like to get acapellas and make remixes of current songs or songs that may have a potential to be a dance track. Something similar to what Robotaki does.

To give you an idea, how he sounds like:


His style reminds me of  T.M. Revolution mixed with game soundtracks. I personally think he can make it as a BGM guy for a game developer/publisher.

I always believe that in order to succeed, you need some sort of push. Something that will allow you to keep going despite the odds. Shr0ud for me, is not only a mentor but he is that push to keep going forward. Now it’s time to finish my track before the year ends. Edit: Still haven’t finished it o.o


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