Simple Tips on Voiceovers


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On some point of my life, I thought about doing voice dubbing. Just like what you see on TV. It’s one of those things I’d probably put and eventually cross out in my “bucket list. ” Sure, it’s not for a TV series or an anime but hey sometimes, these moments just come when you least expect it. I’ll take it anyday.

A week ago, my creative director pulled me out of nowhere and dragged me into the recording studio. Imagine Scorpion of Mortal Kombat shouting “Get Over Here!” – exactly! Had no formal training whatsoever. Was handed out a script. Got some ideas from our video editor on what kind tone and projection should i use. Ran with it because we had a 2 hour deadline.

To the people who know me well, I usually speak monotone. Never will you ever hear me this energetic even on a sales pitch.

Some basic tips and observations that I’d like to share with you guys  in terms of doing voiceovers are:

– For a 30 seconder like what I just did, it requires that you talk fast and put some sort of emphasis on words that need to be stressed.

– If you wear clothing that rustles like say a jacket, take it off. It will affect your recording.

– Make sure that there is silence in the room. Also a must for recording.

– Clear your throat and talk to people so that your voice is warmed up beforehand.

– Practice your lines and do it at “performance level” or at least the standards where your director/editor thinks it’s good enough.

– On your script, highlight which words or lines need to be emphasized or stressed in terms of intonation.  Doing it line-by-line is easier as you can experiment what parts of the line you can stress or highlight.

– Lastly, Confidence. Got to have it. Put your personal style on your delivery and make it yours. Own it!

For God knows where in Japan this is airing.  Here’s a treat from me to you.


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2 thoughts on “Simple Tips on Voiceovers

  1. pro na pro ah and in fairness may ibubuga naman. thanks na rin sa tips at baka magamit ko rin pag may chance. pangarap ko rin before ang mag-voice over especially sa anime and radio. pero nitong huli gusto ko na yung radio. para bawat eksena bobosesan mo like “wag mo akong barilin sa tagiliran banng! ahhh natamaan ako sa tagiliran dumudugo ng bongga.” hehehe

    nakakatuwa pero gusto ko talaga hehehe

    • pro ba? hahaha. gusto ko sa radio yung me mga sound effects na kakaiba like what you said “yung baril na sound effect – bang!” tapos ikaw mag boboses nun. yung mga tipong san mo kukunin yung boses ng kabayo when he goes “neigh” then you realize lata lang pala yun or something. editing thanks to femigirl.

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